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Fungi Europaei Fungi non delineati reprints of important mycological works mycological publications Catalogue
In this series, European mycologists present monographs on fungi and for every species they provide an original description (usually in Latin), detailed macroscopic and microscopic descriptions, habitat details... vai alla sezione
This series contains brief monographs dealing with unusual fungal species, that have seldom or never been described in the popular mycological literature or that are confined to particular environments or geographic regions... vai alla sezione
Candusso Edizioni has reprinted some fundamental books for the mycological world. These works accurately reproduce the original version which are not easily found in the second-hand book market... vai alla sezione
This section is dedicated to scientific and popular books that are written in different languages, have been recently published and are being sold at reasonable prices... vai alla sezione
The catalogue with all publications available at Candusso Editrice plus a document to download... vai alla sezione